Astronomers and Meteorologists. Astronomy and meteorology: dark adaptor goggles are used before going outside at night, in order to help the eyes adapt to the dark. Dark adaptor goggles are used in the field of meteorology for either adapting the eyes to the dark prior to an observation at night or to aid with the identification of clouds during bright sunshine or glare from snow. The goggles are made with red-tinted plastic lenses. Although the goggles are designed to be worn inside some people find walking, especially up and down stairs, to be difficult. For use at night the observer should put the goggles on about ten minutes prior to going outside. Once the observer is outside and away from major sources of light the goggles may be removed and the observer's vision should be adapted to the dark.

To help with the identification of clouds during the day the goggles should be put on just before the observer goes outside. This will ensure the eyes are not affected by the glare from the sun or snow.


"Astronomy is a passion of many Steampunks. Our fascination with Time Travel leads us to the stars.

From the earliest pioneers to today's real life astronomers. We combine multiple disciplines and cross many boundaries to find the wonders and humility of our Universe. Each one us are equally significant solely by our existence. Each a meaningful contributor to the Steampunk Universe. With one purpose... opening minds to the wonders that surround everyone. In kind sight."


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